Mars Ecosystem


Mars Ecosystem Airdrop is worth 50 XMS Governance tokens for 1,000 lucky participants. 

About Mars Ecosystem

Mars Ecosystem is a New Decentralized Paradigm building a new type of Stablecoin ecosystem, which includes Mars Stablecoin USDM, MarsSwap, and other DeFi protocols that solves a series of problems of the existing stablecoin protocols, and have the characteristics of high stability, high capital utilization efficiency, strong scalability, and high decentralization. MarsDAO is the governing body of Mars Ecosystem. 

Mars Ecosystem has reached a strategic partnership with MugglePay, the world’s leading cryptocurrency C2B payment service provider. MugglePay may use MarsSwap of the Mars Ecosystem to meet its stablecoin exchange needs, and gradually integrate the Mars Ecosystem’s stablecoin USDM into MugglePay’s payment system to provide merchants with richer digital currency payment solutions.

Mars Ecosystem

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Mars Ecosystem Airdrop

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Step-by-Step Guide ”Mars Ecosystem Airdrop”

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