MonkeyBall Airdrop Giveaway prize pool is worth 50,000 $MBS tokens & 5 $Monkey NFTs. Everyone wins a share (%) of the pot by participanting! 

At the end of the contest period, Five (5) randomly selected contestants will each win a $Monkey NFT

Monkey NFT is a sick, rare collectible, generated from a unique DNA sequence based on a combination of many attributes such as, Appearance, Abilities, and Elements.

About MonkeyBall

MonkeyBall is a Solana-based, Play-to-Earn eSports game that sits at the intersection of FIFA Street and Final Fantasy. The game offers a high production AAA gaming experience and is being developed on the Unity game engine, allowing it to deploy on both Desktop and Mobile.

MonkeyBall introduces the concept of asset portability. Players own the game's assets, Monkeys and Stadiums, in the form of NFTs and own the in-game currency in the form of tokens ($MBS). The game offers multiple play-to-earn systems, giving players flexibility and excitement in how they play. Furthermore, players can exercise governance over the game platform and treasury using a DAO governance token ($SCORE).

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Login to the MonkeyBall Airdrop page.
  2. Join MonkeyBall on Discord.
  3. Join MonkeyBall on Telegram Group & Channel.
  4. Follow @MonkeyBallGame on Twitter, Like and Retweet.
  5. Follow u/MonkeyBall_Game on Reddit.
  6. Follow @MenkeyBallGames on Facebook.
  7. Submit your Solana wallet address and details to the Gleam page.
  8. Invite friends and complete more tasks to earn more entries.

Step-by-Step Guide ''MonkeyBall Airdrop''
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