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About Multisynq

Multisynq heralds a transformative shift in synchronization technology with its decentralized DePIN architecture and strong security protocols, designed to enhance countless applications across the internet.

Supported by prominent investors and backers, including a $2.2M funding round led by Manifold, Multisynq stands out for its promise, robust infrastructure, and clear vision aimed at redefining digital synchronization.


Step by step guide Multisynq Airdrop

  1. Sign up at to instantly receive 50,000 points as a welcome bonus.

  2. Decide whether you’re joining as a Synqer to earn or to innovate as a Coder.

  3. Increase your points earnings by sharing your unique referral link with friends.

▪️ Once the network goes live, set up your Synchronizer to start earning points. Enjoy the benefits!

* The upcoming Testnet and Launch Phases will soon offer enhanced earning opportunities.

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