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The NIM Network Genesis Rolldrop claim is now live, providing an opportunity for over 500,000 addresses to verify their eligibility and claim their share of 90 million $NIM (9% of the total supply) until 4th April 2024 at 14:00 UTC. Don't miss out on claiming your share now! 💰

Eligible categories include $DYM Stakers and esteemed gaming communities like @ParallelTCG, @PirateNation, @Aiarena_, @Todaythegame, alongside early adopters from @OceanProtocol, @autonolas, @Gitcoin, as well as select NFT communities including @PudgyPenguins@9dccxyz, and @WolvesDAO.

About NIM Network

NIM Network is a highly adoptable AI Gaming chain that will provide the ultimate ecosystem for the exploration and development of games at the intersection of Web3 and AI.

Through strategic partnerships and innovation, NIM Network aims to redefine user experiences, set new on-chain identity standards, and advance AI gaming in Web3.

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Step by step guide

  1. Head over to the NIM Network Genesis Rolldrop claiming website.
  2. Follow the instructions on the website to check your Airdrop eligibility.
  3. No need to connect your wallet or spend gas fees for this process.

Step-by-Step Guide ''NIM Network - $NIM Genesis Rolldrop''

▪️ The Genesis Rolldrop will take place soon at the upcoming @NIM_Network mainnet launch.
* Ensure you are not a U.S. person or entity as per the terms and conditions. Good Luck!

* When using ÐApps, remember that your digital assets' security is solely your responsibility!

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