NostrSwap – Beta Test


Attention BRC-20 enthusiasts! NostrSwap's Public Beta Test starts on July 3, 2023, at 1 PM UTC. Experience the Super fast BRC-20 DEX with zero-gas network fees, and earn valuable Pioneer points. Join & Earn Pioneer Points!

About NostrSwap

NostrSwap is a fully decentralized exchange built on Nostr protocol, offering a unique "Chat-To-Trade" feature and zero gas fees for P2P trading of BRC-20 tokens. With its innovative approach, NostrSwap provides fast transactions, transparency, and robust security, positioning itself as a leading trading infrastructure.

NostrSwap – Beta Test

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Category #1 Tester Quests: Explore Chat-To-Trade functions and P2P marketplace on Nostr Protocol frontend clients such as, Amethyst, or, and enjoy trading BRC-20 tokens with Zero-Gas network fees.
  2. Category #2 Bounty Hunter Pool: Report bugs faced during testing and earn points based on their severity.
  3. Category #3 Feedback & Suggestions: Earn points for submitting testimonials and providing feedback.
  4. Category #4 Community Stars: Engage as a helpful community member and participate in social media activities.
  5. Category #5 Content Superstars Pool: Create compelling content about NostrSwap.

Step-by-Step Guide ''NostrSwap Public Beta Test''
Participate in the NostrSwap Public Beta Test and earn valuable pioneer points through exciting campaigns across five categories. These pioneer points hold significant value as the project progresses towards establishing the NostrSwap DAO and identifying early contributors.

▪️ For more information on each category, including specific tasks, submission guidelines, and terms and conditions, please visit the NostrSwap Public Beta Test Medium blog!

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