Are you ready to discover the future Nuritopian stars? Participate in the Nuritopia Vote & Earn event and earn Tens of Free $NBLU tokens. 

Simply watch videos of the talented artists selected from the Global Video Contest for Future Stars and vote for your favourite in each category. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of the Nuritopia community and earn rewards!

About Nuritopia

Nuritopia – by NuriFlex Group – is a revolutionary global social media dating metaverse where users can meet people from different backgrounds, make friends, find partners, or go on virtual dates. Nuritopia offers a unique and rewarding social experience that blends virtual and real-life activities.

Nuritopia allows users to monetize creativity by minting and selling digital assets like avatars, virtual real estate, and artworks. Some NFT types may provide benefits, including VIP access to real-life events such as concerts, activity clubs and festivals, to name a few, as well as events occurring within the metaverse. 

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Step by step guide

  1. Visit the Nuritopia Vote & Earn event page to earn even more $NBLU tokens.
  2. Watch the videos of the Best artists from the Global Nuritopian Video Contest for Future Stars and Vote for your favourite Nuritopian artist in each category: Models, Singers, Dancers, and Musicians. You will earn 2 $NBLUs per Vote + an Extra 10 $NBLUs if you voted for the winner.
  3. Invite your friends and family to participate in the Vote & Earn event.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Nuritopia Vote & Earn Airdrop Event''

▪️ Stay in the loop with Nuritopia's latest announcements and future events by following @Nuritopia on Twitter and joining the community on Telegram. And remember, once Nuritopia is released, the token rewards will be transferred to your BSC wallet. Best of luck!

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