X1 Network – Testnet


OKX has launched the @X1_Network, an advanced Ethereum Layer 2 network built on Polygon's CDK, in collaboration with @0xPolygonLabs. This initiative is designed to boost security, scalability, and reduce transaction costs, empowering next-gen developers in the Web3 arena.

The X1 Network Testnet is an essential environment for testing, offering a space to interact with and understand the network's features and functionalities.

About X1 Network

X1 Network is a ZK-powered Ethereum Layer 2 solution that seamlessly links OKX's extensive user base with the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems. This network integrates a variety of blockchain tools, including the advanced X1 Oracle, to enhance Web3 development.

Leveraging $OKB as its native token, X1 Network is poised to make a significant impact in the Web3 space, with a mainnet launch planned for early 2024.

X1 Network – Testnet

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide X1 Network – Testnet Airdrop

  1. Navigate to the X1 Testnet web3 OKX portal.

  2. Add the X1 Testnet network to your wallet and acquire ETH Sepolia.

  3. Use the X1 Faucet to mint OKB test tokens on both X1 and Sepolia networks.

  4. Employ the X1 Bridge to transfer OKB between Sepolia and X1 and vice-versa.

  5. Explore the X1 Testnet Tour ecosystem on Galxe to earn a commemorative NFT.

Step-by-Step Guide ”X1 Network – Testnet”

▪️ Track your transaction status with the X1 Explorer. Enjoy your testing experience!
Developers are invited to deploy smart contracts and start building on X1 network. 

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