OmniFlix Testnet


OmniFlix FlixNet-4 Incentivized Testnet is made up of a few tasks that the FlixFam must complete. Eligible Testnet participants will receive a Free OmniFlix NFT which you could swap for $FLIX tokens in a few weeks when it starts trading.

About OmniFlix

OmniFlix is a decentralized media and network layer for Creators & Sovereign Communities powered by NFTs and related distribution protocols.

OmniFlix Network is powered by the OmniFlix Hub, a blockchain network that accommodates both, Private and Public Networks. These networks are created and managed by Creators, Studios or Agencies and audience/fans can participate and earn incentives for interactions & engagement with branded/unbranded content.

$FLIX will be used for the creation of collections and minting of NFTs, 50% of the fee will be sent to the community pool and 50% will be sent to stakers. Currently, no fees are being charged by the protocol for the creation of collections and for the minting of NFTs.

OmniFlix Testnet

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Step by step guide OmniFlix Testnet Airdrop

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Step-by-Step Guide ''OmniFlix FlixNet-4 Incentivized Testnet Tutorial''
The OmniFlix FlixNet-4 Incentivized Testnet is made up of a few tasks that the FlixFam must complete. We will walk through these activities step by step:

▪️ Important: You must Win an auction before the campaign ends. So, bid on multiple NFTs. Join OmniFlix on Discord & Telegram for support. Good Luck!
* Check out the OmniFlix presentation in Cosmoverse about Interact to claim module. Watch from 21:30!

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