Opensea x Blast


@Blast_L2 NFTs has arrived on OpenSea, enabling users to bid with WETH, earning native yield and Blast Points as they trade NFTs. Buy, sell, and make offers—exclusively on Blast!

About OpenSea & Blast

Blast is an innovative Ethereum optimistic rollup L2 protocol that transforms DeFi by providing native yield generation for ETH with auto-compounding, with T-Bill yields for USDB stablecoin.

Blast is led by @PacmanBlur, creator of Blur NFT marketplace protocol, and backed by industry giants like Standard Crypto and Paradigm.

OpenSea, founded in 2017, is the first and largest NFT marketplace, hosting over 80 million NFTs and serving as a central platform for diverse digital asset trading, powered by blockchain tech.

Opensea x Blast

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Step by step guide Opensea x Blast Airdrop

  1. Go to the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

  2. Switch your wallet to the Blast network.

  3. Start exploring and trading NFTs seamlessly!

▪️ Learn how to earn a 4x Blast Points Multiplier by checking out our Wasabi x Blast guide.

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