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UPDATE Telegram announcement: ''There is no rush to complete the airdrop as we have budgeted for 30k users. You are amongst the earliest participants and will have no problem registering for the airdrop once our site is back up and running.''

Opu Labs is the blockchain solution for the tokenizing global skincare intelligence. Fueled by OPU Coin, consumers are able to monetize their skincare data along with receiving real-time support from verified dermatologists on the platform. Opu Labs is rated 3,9/5 by ICO Bench.

Opu Labs is airdropping 1000 OPU (~$60) to airdrop participants. ICO token price: 1 OPU = 0,059259 USD

How to join?

  • 1. Sign up on opu.ai registration page and verify your mail
  • 2. Go to your dashboard and scroll down until you see ''Social Media Airdrop", click on "Opu Airdrop"
  • 3. Follow social media channels: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, Youtube
  • 4. Verify you've completed the airdrop by checking your Opu Coin balance at the top of the page


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Opu Labs old

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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