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About Over Protocol

Over Protocol is a decentralized layer 1 blockchain providing lightweight full nodes for easy device running. Notably, Superblock, a contributor to Over Protocol, has secured an impressive $8 million in funding from prominent companies and VCs in South Korea.

Over Protocol's unique "Ethanos" protocol ensures that only active accounts are considered valid, resulting in reduced storage needs. Anyone can run a node and become a validator, opening new possibilities for passive income through home staking. This innovative blockchain infrastructure has gained significant recognition and is featured on Cointelegraph.

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Step by step guide Over Protocol Airdrop

  1. Go to the Over Protocol Waitlist Page.

  2. Give the “Drop Me” Circular Button a few clicks, then hit “Join the waitlist now”.

  3. Invite friends with your referral link to earn points together.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Over Protocol Pre-registration Waitlist

▪️ Stay tuned for updates on the Testnet’s upcoming launch!
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