Particle Network


Following the Particle’s Scroll Sepolia campaign and People’s Alliance Inscription event, Particle Network’s modular L1 is closer than ever to shaping Web3 with its imminent Mainnet launch.

The Testnet Phase 1 release marks the beginning of a new era towards a Modular L1 Powering Chain Abstraction for the multi-chain ecosystem and introducing Universal Accounts and Gas.

Particle Network is also rolling out the Particle Pioneer platform, allowing participants to earn $PARTI points for rewards from Particle and other ecosystems, including The People’s Launchpad.

About Particle Network

Particle Network is a full-stack, data-driven Web3 facilitator that merges Web2 ease with Web3 through an Intent-Centric Modular Access Layer, enabling seamless app development with SDKs including Particle Connect for easy onboarding and Particle Auth for secure authentication.

Further Bolstering Its Capabilities, the Particle Wallet along with the Zero-Knowledge Proof Wallet (ZK WaaS) streamline transactions and ensures privacy, while Particle Node delivers robust blockchain APIs, supporting a wide range of EVM-compatible networks including Ethereum.

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Particle Network

Step by step guide Particle Network Airdrop

  1. Access the Particle Pioneer platform and sign up via a social account or wallet.

  2. Connect your Twitter and Discord accounts to activate your Universal Account.

  3. Accumulate $PARTI points by checking in every day, performing Testnet TXs, etc…

* $PARTI points let you join upcoming airdrops and earn bonuses on The People’s Launchpad.


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