@joinPlanetQuest, the latest partner of RCADE Foundation & Revolving Games, has unveiled its upcoming ERC-20 token named Quantum—$PQX, embodying a rare potent substance that drives the entire in-game economy and holds the key to a realm of limitless possibilities.

A large quantity of Quantum Crystals has just been detected on the frontiers of our galaxy, heralding an exhilarating journey with PlanetQuest’s groundbreaking Airdrop campaign, where every engagement leads to the acquisition of highly sought-after $PQX tokens. Don’t miss out!

About PlanetQuest

PlanetQuest is a futuristic blockchain-based sci-fi 3D gaming universe set in the 27th century, blending shooter and MOBA elements in a free-to-play, play-to-earn environment, where players battle alien threats, and uncover rare artifacts as they navigate exotic planets while shaping their own storyline narrative in the cosmos while influencing the fate of humanity, and also earning rewards through a powerful in-game economy, fueled by a single token—$PQX.

Developed by a diverse team with backgrounds in Hollywood, gaming, AI, and procedural generation, PlanetQuest is the first Galactic Entertainment‘s IP, which secured a $1B+ Hollywood property for its next Web3 Gaming IP, attracting top-tier investors like Kingsway Capital (key backer of Animoca), Immutable X, Double Peak, SVC, PrimeBlock Ventures, and Antony Lewis, Director of Blockchain Investments at Temasek, contributing to a total raise of ~$25.5M.

In addition, PlanetQuest features books, comics, games, and more, co-owned and co-created by over 350,000 fans, adding a diverse and passionate touch to the ecosystem.

Airdrop image

Step by step guide PlanetQuest Airdrop

  1. Go to the PlanetQuest Airdrop page and sign in by linking your X account and wallet.

  2. Promote the campaign on X tagging @joinPlanetQuest or $PQX, and earn points as your followers like, comment, and share your posts.

  3. Invite friends to join your squad to collectively earn bonus points, boosting your rewards.

* Unlock new levels by earning points across seasons and fuse your Quantum Crystals to receive higher-tier Crystals that further boost your Airdrop stake!


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