PlannerScape Airdrop is worth 25 PLAN tokens (~$ 5). Share your referral link to earn 2.5 PLAN tokens (~$ 0.5) for every referral, up to 50 PLAN tokens (~$ 10).

About PlannerScape

PlannerScape is dedicated to offering a platform for collaborative consumption where time, knowledge, services, skills and resources can be effectively managed and shared between all parties without any overheads or risks. They are also dedicated to implementing the latest solutions in AI and automating as many manual tasks as possible to make navigating tasks and time as effortless as navigating directions and implementing the latest blockchain technology to increase transparency and integrity in transactional processes as well as enhancing users’ reputations, reviews, and ratings.

~$ 5 + referral
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Chat with the PlannerScape Airdrop bot.
  2. Join PlannerScape on Telegram. (+5 PLAN)
  3. Follow PlannerScape on Twitter. (+5 PLAN)
  4. Like/follow PlannerScape on Facebook. (+5 PLAN)
  5. Watch & like the PlannerScape video on YouTube and answer the question in the bot. (+5 PLAN)
  6. Subscribe to PlannerSpace s newsletter. (+5 PLAN)
  7. If you don t have an account on LATOKEN, create an account and complete Tier-2 verification.
  8. Submit your mail, the same mail of your LATOKEN account, to the Airdrop bot.
  9. Share your referral link to earn 2.5 PLAN per referral, with a maximum of 50 PLAN.

Step-by-Step Guide PlannerScape Airdrop
For more info about the PlannerScape Airdrop, see the PlannerScape Airdrop post.
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