PoorPleb.win has officially launched & Airdrop is live! Anyone who owned or sacrificed less than $1,000 of the following coins on Ethereum or Binance smart chain at UTC 00:00 16 July 2022 will be eligible to claim free $PP tokens: SHIBA INU, FLOKI INU, CULT, BABY DOGE, DOGELON MARS, CUMROCKET, PULSEDOGE, PULSEDOGECOIN, THE LOST KINGDOM, and many more. 

Eligible wallets may claim 1,420,369 $PP tokens per wallet on the Ethereum network. Whales will get NOTHING​​​​!

About PoorPleb

PoorPleb ($PP) is a zero-utility ERC-20 meme coin on the Ethereum network, an experiment designed to enrich the many and exclude the few. Watch this Video & Read The Plebifesto to learn more!

If you are a small player in $SHIB, $CULT, $PLS, $FLOKI, $PULSEDOGE and many more you may be eligible to claim a Free $PP Airdrop. Whales get NOTHING!

Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide PoorPleb Airdrop

  1. Head to the PoorPleb Airdrop page.

  2. Enter your EVM address here to ascertain your allocation. It sometimes takes a while to find your address when first connecting, so it may show the default “Not Eligible” message for a moment before changing.

  3. Connect your Metamask wallet. * Mobile users: Use your wallet s built-in browser.

  4. Claim your $PP tokens on the PoorPleb Airdrop page before January 7, 2023. A Gas fee will apply in $ETH.

Step-by-Step Guide ”PoorPleb Airdrop”

▪️ Eligible wallets may claim 1,420,369 $PP per wallet on the Ethereum network. By accepting these tokens, you hereby admit that you are a PLEB. Congrats!
▪️ Join PoorPleb on Discord & Telegram to stay up to date on announcements. Good Luck!

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