Punk Network


Punk Network Airdrop prize pool is worth 200,000 Punk + DOT tokens. 

About Punk Network

Punk Network is an open, smart, and NFT-friendly public chain based on the Substrate architecture that adapts to the Polkadot ecology, which with NPoS (Nominated Proof of Stakes) as the consensus mechanism, which can accommodate a wide range of asset types, a large number of transactions and various type of smart contractsPUNK is the source-generated token, with a total of 800 million tokens with the function governance, pledge, circulation, dividend, and utility.

NFTCastle.io (Coming Soon) aims to build the world’s largest, most ecologically rich, and technologically powerful trading platform for NFT Artworks and their financial derivatives. NFT Castle will make its debut at NFT Art exhibition "Great Pythagoras" in Beijing, from May 9th to May 27th, 2021. 

Punk Network

Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Punk Network Airdrop

  1. Visit the Punk Network Airdrop page.

  2. Join Punk Network on Telegram Group & Channel.

  3. Follow @Punk_Network on Twitter.

  4. Submit a photo that best shows off Punk.Network elements on Twitter with the hashtag #PunkNetwork, #NFT & #Polkadot or #cryptoart for an entry. Pin the tweet, @Tag 3 people, and you re entered. Photo required: Simply select one of your photos from Twitter.

  5. Submit your Polkadot wallet address.

  6. PunkDAO will select 5 pics that blow their mind every week. All rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the 10th of May.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Punk Network Airdrop”
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