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Are you ready to embark on a groundbreaking journey into interchain DeFi? Quasar Finance's official Public Testnet, Questnet, is now open for exploration. Engage with a Quasar vault that absorbs capital from within and outside the Quasar chain and beams it to a specified destination using IBC-enabled strategy mechanisms. And, as a bonus, participants will be eligible for future $QSR Airdrop rewards. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

About Quasar

Quasar (pronounced QWAY-ZAR) is a decentralized appchain that enables interchain digital asset management (DAM) through permissionless, transparent, and composable tools and infrastructure made available by blockchain technology and DeFi. Quasar's primary role is to provide and maintain the tools and infrastructure needed for generating and operating Vaults and Strategies.

Vaults, which are customizable and self-governing smart contracts, are used as the primary vehicle for aggregating and deploying capital. With Quasar, investors can easily participate in DeFi without having to manage complex strategies, while strategists can easily customize strategies for deploying crowdsourced capital across blockchains. Quasar is lowering barriers to entry for DeFi by using efficient infrastructure to make digital asset management fair, accessible, and transparent.

Quasar Testnet

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▪️ Participating in the Quasar Public Testnet will make you eligible for future $QSR token Airdrop rewards, subject to governance. The Mainnet launch is scheduled for the end of March 2023. To stay tuned for the official announcement, follow @QuasarFi on Twitter and join their Discord channel. Best of luck!

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