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Revolve Games Airdrop is worth $40 in $RPG tokens to 1,000 randomly chosen lucky winners who have completed all the tasks.

Invite friends to win one of the following prizes:

  • 1st Place: $1,500 in RPG tokens
  • 2nd Place: $1,000 in RPG tokens
  • 3rd Place: $750 in RPG tokens
  • And $6,750 in RPG tokens will be shared among the top 4 – 50 referrals.

About Revolve Games

Revolve Games is revolutionizing the way DeFi staking is integrated with Blockchain Gaming. The staking rewards of a given tethered actionable NFT are dependant on the in-game performance of that asset; be it a character, vehicle or game builder. As such, players are highly incentivized to participate in gaming and level up their NFT. Liquidity stakers are also incentivized to perform better against their opponents with increased staking multipliers.

$RPG tokens in the ecosystem are cross-chain compatible and can be atomic swapped between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. The Revolve Games sandbox metaverse is an inter-planetary metaverse where users can buy land on planets, build games with game builder asset packs, rent land, monetize their spaces and more.

~$ 50,000 in Total
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Start the Revolve Games Airdrop Telegram Bot.
  2. Join Revolve Games on Telegram.
  3. Follow @RevolveGamesio on Twitter.
  4. Quote retweet and comment this Tweet with hashtags #RevolveGames & @tag 3 friends.
  5. Follow Revolve Games on Medium.
  6. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and details to the Bot. All tasks are mandatory. Good Luck!
  7. Share your referral link to join the Leaderboard Contest with up to $10,000 in $RPG tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Revolve Games Airdrop''
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