Today is a very special day. It's Rollbit's 3rd Birthday! Celebrate with them by taking part in a variety of giveaways and events, hosted by @SmokeyLisa_eth and @JPW_rb. Experience true innovation with the highest rewards program within Crypto's Most Innovative Casino!

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Step-by-Step Guide ''Rollbit's 3rd Birthday Giveaways and Events''
Register on Or join with Metamask.
Click on the "Rewards" tab on the top left.
You can Stake $RLB for a chance to win the Lottery Jackpot. 
Join Rollbit on Discord and get assigned the "User" role on the #New users channel. Go to the #assign-roles channels and get the 'Events' role. This role will notify you about upcoming Discord events. Discord events are a way to win cool prizes, including on-site balance.  Also, get the 'RLB' role to be notified about upcoming RLB Lotteries, large RLB trades and other fun RLB stats. 

▪️ Visit and enjoy the full experience with Casino, Bonus Battles, Sportsbook, Crypto Trading and more! 

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Disclaimer: As with any investment, it is important for investors to thoroughly examine any product before depositing or investing their funds. When using decentralized applications (ÐApps), it is critical to remember that the security of your digital assets is solely your responsibility. 

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