Rubiix round 2


Rubiix Protocol is a proprietary distributed ledger technology that removes consumer data brokers and distributes advertising revenue to data-providing consumers via Brand-Consumer Smart Contracts. 

Rubiix is airdropping up to 27 RBX tokens (~$ 10.26) to airdrop participants. ICO price: 1 RBX = 0.38 USD

How to join?

  1. Sign in to the Rubiix AirDrop Portal, make sure the URL looks like this official link:
  2. Enter your Telegram Name and Ethereum wallet Address.
  3. Answer two easy questions in order to pass the Quiz. You will only have 1 chance.
  4. Join Rubiix on TelegramYou will earn 15 RBX for this part! 
  5. Then, to earn an additional 12 RBX, simply download the Rubiix App on Android or IOS and create a username and password using the same email you used to sign into the Rubiix Portal. 

Tokens will be distributed at the end of the month, after the AirDrop is over.

Rubiix round 2

~$ 10.26
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

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