Attention Ordinals Enthusiasts! Get ready for a historical moment in the digital assets realm with the Runestone Fairdrop, commemorating the Ordinals ecosystem's 1st-year anniversary 🎉

This would be the largest Ordinals Airdrop ever, equitably distributed via a transparent process to ~110,000 eligible addresses that held at least 3 non-TXT/JSON inscriptions at block 826,600.

About Runestone

Runestone is an open-source, volunteer, and decentralized initiative, established to reward early adopters who contributed to the growth of the Ordinals ecosystem in its first year ever.

The key insight with Runestone is its commitment to unity and inclusivity, guaranteeing a fair distribution to all early adopters, regardless of whether they are a whale or a casual collector.


Approx. value
days left

Step by step guide

  1. Go to the Runestone Fairdrop verifier tool, courtesy of @LFG.
  2. Verify your Ordinals wallet s eligibility for a Runestone Rune.
  3. Runestone Runes will be airdropped at Bitcoin block 840,000.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Runestone - Runestone Rune Fairdrop''

▪️ The Runestone Runes will live on as collectible mementos for the 1st Ordinals anniversary.
* Follow @LeonidasNFT, join the Runestone Discord, spread the news, and provide feedback.

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