Prepare to unlock a new dimension of rewards within the Solana Liquid Staking ecosystem with Sanctum Wonderland Season 1, where owning Pets, earning EXP, and engaging in Community Quests are the keys to unlocking a world of rewards and untold riches.

Level up your Pets, embark on thrilling quests, and witness the power of liquid staking rewards in action. Experience the excitement of building the Infinite-LST Future!

About Sanctum

Sanctum is an innovative platform at the forefront of the Solana ecosystem, introducing a cutting-edge liquid staking ecosystem that enables users to participate in staking activities, and acquire the INF token to earn attractive yields.

Through the innovative features of the Infinity Pool and a wide range of Liquid Staking Token offerings (LST), Sanctum provides users with the tools to optimize their staking strategies.

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Season 1

Step by step guide Sanctum Airdrop

  1. Visit the Sanctum Wonderland web3 app and connect your Solana wallet.

  2. Own Pets by holding their corresponding liquid staking tokens (LST) to start earning EXP, and witness how they level up automatically (FAQ).

  3. Engage in weekly Community Quests through tasks and puzzles, to unlock EXP multipliers.

  4. Share your referral link to earn Cupcakes and 5% of your referee’s EXPs throughout Season 1.

* Follow @Sanctumso on X to stay updated on new features, evolutions, and rewards. Good Luck!


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