SatoshiVM – Testnet


Dive into the Future with @SatoshiVM's Testnet! Unleash the power of the $SAVM bridge for seamless Ethereum to SatoshiVM transactions.

Early explorers, get ready – your engagement could lead to a potential retroactive airdrop in this pioneering Bitcoin Layer 2 venture!

About SatoshiVM

SatoshiVM is a groundbreaking Layer 2 solution that merges Bitcoin's security with Ethereum's flexibility, using $BTC for transaction fees and enabling asset issuance and application development on the Bitcoin network.

Its blend of ZK Rollup and EVM technologies ensures secure, efficient transactions, fostering an Ethereum-like user experience and marking a new era in blockchain interoperability.

SatoshiVM – Testnet

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Step by step guide SatoshiVM – Testnet Airdrop

  1. Install the UniSat wallet extension on your browser.

  2. Go to settings, and select Native Segwit (P2WPKH) Testnet.

  3. Configure MetaMask by adding the SatoshiVM Testnet network.

  4. Claim tBTC and ETH Sepolia Test tokens using the faucets.

  5. Navigate to the official BTC Bridge, and connect both wallets.

  6. Bridge test BTC from Bitcoin Testnet to SatoshiVM Testnet, and check destination address balance via SatoshiVM Explorer.

  7. Navigate to the official SAVM Bridge, and click on the tSAVM Faucet at the bottom of the page to claim tSAVM.

  8. Bridge tSAVM from Ethereum Sepolia to SatoshiVM Testnet, and vice-versa.

Step-by-Step Guide ''SatoshiVM – Testnet''

▪️ Bounce Finance announces details of the $SAVM IDO on Jan 19th, 2024. Good Luck!

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