Scroll – Mainnet


Since its inception, @Scroll_ZKP has charted a compelling trajectory, progressing from the Pre-Alpha Testnet in Q4 2022 to the Alpha Testnet on Goerli, marking a significant leap forward.

Now, after two rigorous years of development, the eagerly awaited Scroll Mainnet is live. In this article, we delve into its various aspects, emphasizing the possibility of qualifying for a retroactive Airdrop of a future Scroll governance token, drawing parallels with Arbitrum.

About Scroll

Scroll is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, embodying the ethos of an EVM-Equivalent zk-Rollup, masterfully designed to scale the Ethereum network, ensuring users benefit from swift and cost-effective transactions while upholding the security standards set by Ethereum, championed by none other than Ethereum’s luminary, Vitalik Buterin. ensured its robustness through rigorous audits. Its bridge and rollup contracts were meticulously audited by @OpenZeppelin and @Zellic_io, while the zkEVM circuits were vetted by @TrailofBits, and @Kalos_security, reinforcing its stance as a bastion of blockchain security.

Scroll – Mainnet

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Step by step guide Scroll – Mainnet Airdrop

  1. Begin by adding the Scroll Mainnet to MetaMask. For manual setup, see this guide.

  2. Transfer some $ETH via the official Scroll Bridge or opt for Orbiter Finance for speedier transactions. You can Bridge on without paying fees until 14th November.

  3. Explore ÐApps within the Scroll ecosystem: Try swapping on Izumi Finance or SyncSwap, or delve into NFTs on, among others.

  4. is a multichain DeFi hub allowing users to Trade, Swap, Invest, and Earn. Don’t miss out on their current campaigns.

  5. Think about acquiring a .scroll domain at ScrollNS Name Service. Join the ScrollNS Elite Grand I for a chance to win a share of 100 random 4-char .scroll domains worth $10,000.

  6. For developers: Dive into the Quickstart documentation to start building (Video tutorials) and explore the Scroll Bug Bounty, with rewards ranging from $5,000 up to $1,000,000.

▪️ Have queries or feedback? Join the Scroll Discord channel. Stay safe and best of luck!


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