Shoebill Finance x Wemix


Shoebill Finance is hosting a Point Event, offering the chance to earn $SBP Points through farming activities and transactions on the @WemixNetwork until January 25th, 2024.

Shoebill Points will be exchangeable for governance tokens at a specified rate, and details about the token launch and utility will be announced soon​​​​​​.

About Shoebill Finance 🐦

Shoebill Finance is a DeFi protocol operating across Wemix, Klaytn, and Manta ecosystems, offering leveraged investment opportunities where borrowing amplifies investment sizes, creating mutual benefits for investors and depositors. 

Shoebill champions a low-risk high-reward approach through token borrowing and re-staking, while assuring lenders stable yields backed by Liquid Stake Tokens (LST) as collateral. 

Shoebill Finance x Wemix

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Step by step guide Shoebill Finance x Wemix Airdrop

  1. Go to Wemix.Shoebill.Finance and switch your wallet to the Wemix network.

  2. Supply and Borrow $WEMIX or $stWEMIX tokens to earn SBP points. Be mindful of reborrowing for higher rewards, considering the borrow yield and collateral repayment.

  3. Boost your SBP earnings without liquidation risk at Manta-Stone.Shoebill.Finance by supplying $STONE and/or $wUSDM, obtained by bridging $ETH and/or $USDC to Manta Pacific Layer 2 in the Manta New Paradigm campaign.

  4. Register a referral link to earn a 5% bonus for both you and your friends.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Shoebill Finance x Wemix – SBP Point Event''

▪️ Each day, 5,000 SBP are distributed via farming, and 3,000 SBP based on transactions.
Enter the WEMIX PLAY Grandmaster event for a chance to claim exclusive rewards 🎁

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