Smart Layer


Smart Layer, brought to you by Smart Token Labs, the minds behind ERC-5169 and TokenScript, invites users to embark on an adventure packed with thrilling challenges, $SLN token rewards, and exclusive perks. Join this transformative journey into the world of tokenization!

About Smart Layer

Smart Layer is an integration layer driven by a token-based economy, enabling use-case-driven interactions with Smart Tokens to address the "Limit of 3" problem. It empowers users, enhances data control, and facilitates secure, decentralized web integration.

The $SLN token is set to go public in late 2023, via a listing on an exchange. The details are still being hashed out, and further updates will be shared as soon as they become available.

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Step by step guide

  1. Visit the Smart Layer website and register to create your Pass.
  2. Check your inbox and activate your pass to unlock a world of possibilities.
  3. Your pass will serve as your key to earning points, completing quests, and levelling up.
  4. Invite up to 25 friends and earn bonus points, plus a share of their quest points.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Smart Layer - Early Access''

▪️ Note: Your pass is smart and powerful, so keep it safe. New quests are added regularly, so visit often to maximize your points and rewards through active participation. Best of luck!

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