NFT airdrops, free Play to Earn NFTs and additional rewards! 

About SolDoges:

SolDoges is the first Doge-themed NFT on Solana! 9999 Shiba Inu Doge NFTs programmatically generated are living on the Solana blockchain, ready to be adopted. These collectibles consist of 300 rare traits (expression, costume, eyes, etc.) and 4 different poses, making each of them unique! These NFTs will be playable characters in the SolDoges Play to Earn game, where players can simply play their game and earn $ while playing! 

The game will be an action and adventure game, where players start on Earth and have to make their way to the final destination: Mars. You start building a spaceship, solve different puzzles, and bring your SolDoges to Mars. Really something to look forward to.

In addition, they have a Twitter Giveaway active right now with a chance to win a Soldoge NFT

SolDoges are still available to mint (0.5 SOL)! For owning SolDoges, you'll get:

– Full commercial rights over your digital assets

– NFT holders will get rewards for every marketplace sale

– Play to Earn game (Link to preview of game character)

– Access to a free NFT airdrop (Link to blog on NFT Airdrops)

– Free game NFT airdrops

– Rights to sell or trade on the secondary marketplace (Link to their page on: DigitalEyes)

– Fair distribution, no price tiers etc.

– Privileges in their Discord server 

After the minting is done, SolDoges will start with airdropping 10 NFTs to random members. They will be listed on the secondary marketplace, where you can buy, sell or trade your collectibles. They will start funding a charity wallet (100 SOL) and then release their Play to Earn game together with their own token, which will be used as the currency in-game. At last, they are planning on including Metaverse Land Ownership. Big plans!

Note: SolDoges live on the Solana blockchain, you'll need a Phantom (recommended), Solflare, or Sollet wallet to be able to buy, trade, and sell these. 


days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step-By-Step guide ''SolDoges Play to Earn''
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