With play to earn in Splinterlands you can earn cards, potions and Dark Energy Crystals, which can be converted to crypto or USD$.

About Splinterlands

This is the next generation of Collectible Card Games powered by the Blockchain technology. The game is made accesible for anyone at anytime, no matter the skill level, experience or collection size. Splinterlands is easy to get started. Just deposit 10$ using a Creditcard, Paypal or crypto. Buy the 'Summoners Spellbook' to get your first card deck and start playing immediately! Play to earn cards and other valuable items on a daily basis. Play tournaments, ranked play and quests to increase your collection! 

This crypto-game is perfect for any crypto or gaming lover and less crypto familiar players, because it automatically generates a Hive cryptocurrency wallet upon registering on their website so that you can start earning crypto instantly! If you prefer to use your own wallet like for example Metamask, there are compatibility options for that as well.

Play to Earn System:

– Combine cards to gain levels

– Convert cards to crypto

– Trade with anyone

– Sell on multiple platforms

– Rent cards to other players


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Step by step guide

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Step-by-Step Guide ''Play to Earn in Splinterlands''
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