SSOT Health Exclusive


UPDATE 12-4-2018 Airdrop is closed!

UPDATE 11-4-2018 We removed ~3000 participants after verification. All submissions who where not eligible received an email with a second chance to join. Airdrop re-opened for 3000 new participants! Go to airdrop form.

UPDATE 8-4-2018 Phase 3 is full! Thank you everyone who joined! This was the last phase. 

A cutting-edge, patient centered protocol supported by Smartcontract and Blockchain powered medical records system, SSOT Health is fundamentally reengineering the way the healthcare providers and stakeholders manages the electronic healthcare records and interact with healthcare teams.

SSOT Health is airdropping 200 free SEHR worth $6 to 7000 participants in phase 1. Get 33 SEHR worth $1 for every friend that you refer!  

How to join SSOT Health airdrop?

  • 1. Go to airdrop form
  • 2. Complete some social media tasks, which will take less than 3 minutes & submit your details to the form
  • 3. Get $1 in SEHR per referral with your unique referral code. You will see your code on top of the page after you submit the airdrop form
  • 4. Check your referral balance on dashboard

Airdrop token distribution is after Token Sale between June 14th and June 28th. For more airdrop info go to FAQ

This airdrop has multiple phases. You can only join 1 phase. Your referral code works for all phases!

SSOT Health Exclusive

6 + $1 per referral
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

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