Aurora Cats is an artistically-crafted NFT collection that will be airdropped to all STRMNFT eligible users. These NFTs will be given to the first 10,000 eligible users who will register on STRMNFT and join the Allow List. 

About StreamCoin & STRMNFT

StreamCoin is a blockchain company with a diverse ecosystem of NFT and streaming-focused platforms, providing multi-purpose utilities for all users worldwide.

STRMNFT is StreamCoin's Digital Assets Marketplace released with a Dedicated Token Standard to Mint Videos, featured in Yahoo Finance &

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide StreamCoin Airdrop

  1. Visit the Aurora Cat NFT Airdrop form.

  2. Register on STRMNFT & Join the Allow List.

  3. Follow STRMNFT on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

  4. Follow Lady Ape Club on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

  5. Fill in the form to validate your entry.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Aurora Cat NFT Airdrop''

* Note: Only the first 10,000 users to register on STRMNFT and join the Allow List will be eligible for the Airdrop. Refer to the Medium blog to learn more and read the Terms and Conditions. Please stay tuned to @STRMNFT Official Channels for more future updates.
** 3,000 Aurora Cat NFTs have been distributed to their keepers; 7,000 are still in the queue. Good Luck! 

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