Discover a world of thrilling rewards with the Swell Voyage Airdrop! Dive into an ocean of possibilities and collect shimmering pearls.

Each pearl brings you closer to claiming your share of 50,000,000 $SWELL tokens. Let’s dive into the details!

About Swell

Swell is a cutting-edge liquid staking protocol developed by Swell Labs. It aims to simplify DeFi access, deliver an exceptional staking experience, and secure Ethereum‘s future. Users stake ETH and earn blockchain rewards, receiving $swETH, a yield-bearing liquid staking token.

Powered by the Swell DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization for $SWELL token holders, Swell ensures transparency and community governance.

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Step by step guide Swell Airdrop

  1. Visit the Swell Voyage dashboard & Become a Voyager.

  2. Collect pearls by staking ETH and LPing $swETH in eligible pools: BalancerAuraUniswap v3Maverick and Bunni.

  3. Track your progress as you accumulate pearls, that will be redeemable for $SWELL at the TGE.

  4. Join the Discord community and follow Swell on Twitter for updates.

▪️ If the Swell community collectively achieves 50,000 ETH in TVL, the distribution program will increase by 40%! For more information, please refer to the blog provided. Wishing you an enjoyable Voyage!


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