SybilDAO is hosting an Airdrop on the Goerli Testnet where each user gets 100 $SYB tokens. Note that funds on Testnet do not hold real value and are used for testing purposes only, but they may be doing doing an Airdrop for the early adopters on mainnet in due course.

About SybilDAO

SybilDAO is an innovative Zero-Knowledge protocol to Defend DeFi and projects from Sybil Attacks by providing a range of anti-fraud protections including IP restrictions, VPN/ToR/botnet blacklists, machine learning risk analysis and more. It also provides a streamlined integration process for developers and a great user experience for end users, a valuable service that protects against bot networks.

A Sybil attack is when an attacker creates multiple fake identities, or wallet addresses, to manipulate a network or protocol, and can have serious consequences such as unfair distribution of rewards. 3rd party DeFi protocols can look up on-chain verified addresses from within their smart contract and get a true/false boolean response, which is simple for blockchain developers to implement and has a great UX for end users. 

100% of fees generated by the protocol are distributed back to $SYB token stakers on the Ethereum mainnet. Fees from layers 2 are bridged back and added to the pool. All fees are paid in native tokens as part of the transaction fee and are claimable in ETH by stakers RealYield.

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

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Step-by-Step Guide ''SybilDAO Airdrop''
Safety Note: You should always use a separate wallet when testing new sites from the one you use for your mainnet funds.

▪️ Bounty for Bots: If you can break the bot protection systems to gain 100,000 $SYB tokens, you will be awarded a Bounty on the Ethereum mainnet.
When using decentralized applications (ÐApps), it’s critical to remember that YOU are responsible for the security of your digital assets!
Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds (DYOR).

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