Taho – Subscape Beta


The @Taho_xyz Subscape Beta portal is Live! Dive in to accumulate $XP, bolster your realm, and secure exclusive rewards along with forthcoming $TAHO token Airdrops. Good hunting!

About Taho

Taho emerges as a revolutionary alternative to established wallets like MetaMask, a truly decentralized open-source community-owned wallet, powered by @AlchemyPlatform.

With a substantial $564M backing from investors such as A16z, Taho is poised to redefine wallet governance and expand its reach through an anticipated mobile wallet (Knowledge Base).

Taho – Subscape Beta

Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Taho – Subscape Beta Airdrop

  1. Access the Taho Subscape portal and connect your Taho wallet.

  2. Register on the Waitlist for the play-to-govern Beta in the virtual world of Subscape.

  3. Once granted access, select from 5 Realms: Galxe, Cyberconnect, Gitcoin, Frax, Arbitrum.

  4. Earn $XP through quests to boost your $TAHO earnings, and get roles within Taho Guild.

  5. The Beta lasts until December 15 on the Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet (Faucet + Bridge).

Step-by-Step Guide ”Taho – Subscape Beta portal”

▪️ Unlock full Discord access by signing the Pledge to uphold Web3’s decentralization (Guide). 
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