@Teleport_DAO and @CoinList are hosting the Ecosystem Reward Program, where participants have the chance to earn a share of 10,110,000 $TST rewards. The top 500 participants on each leaderboard, along with 50 randomly selected participants, will win their share of the rewards.

Additionally, TeleportDAO is running a Zealy campaign, inviting participants to complete tasks within its ecosystem and earn $TST rewards. It's a fantastic opportunity to reap the rewards!

About TeleportDAO

TeleportDAO is a trustless bridge connecting Bitcoin to EVM blockchains, featuring TeleOrdinal, a marketplace for Ordinals NFTs, and TeleSwap, a platform for Bitcoin bridging and swapping. Using @AcrossProtocol technology, it allows users to buy BRC20 tokens, such as $.COM token, on Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Ethereum blockchains through the MetaMask interface.

Furthermore, TeleportDAO features teleBTC, a decentralized wrapped Bitcoin, and its token, $TST, for governance and transaction fees. The platform also enables anyone to become a Relayer through a simple script, facilitating data transfer across blockchains while getting rewarded for their contributions at improving the protocol's efficiency and decentralization.

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Sign up for the TeleportDAO x CoinList Reward Program.
  2. Install Zion BTC snap to manage Bitcoin within MetaMask.
  3. Continue to Zion s website to get your Bitcoin wallet address.
  4. Engage with TeleSwap and TeleOrdinal, trade to earn points.
  5. Also, join the TeleportDAO Zealy campaign to earn more $TST.
  6. Refer friends to both campaigns to increase your winning odds.

Step-by-Step Guide ''TeleportDAO - $TST Rewards''

⚠️ TeleportDAO hasn't launched $teleBTC and $TST tokens yet. Be aware of scams❗
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