Tensor – Season 3


Following the successful conclusion of Season 2, Tensor Airdrop Season 3 has started on Solana‘s leading NFT marketplace. Trade to earn points and qualify for a potential future Airdrop of Tensor governance token. Join now and seize your opportunity of winning big!

About Tensor 

Tensor is the leading NFT marketplace aggregator on the Solana blockchain, akin to Blur on Ethereum, built for creators 🎨 and traders 📈. It offers a dual trading experience, combining advanced features for professional traders with a simplified “Lite” mode for casual collectors.

Tensor’s fee structure features a 1.4% taker fee and a -0.4% maker fee rebate in the legacy marketplace, and a 0% maker fee in the compressed marketplace, while ensuring full royalties.

Tensor – Season 3

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Step by step guide

  1. Head to the Tensor Airdrop Season 3 platform & Connect your Solana wallet. Accepting a referral boosts your points by 5% forever!
  2. Trade and market-make to earn Tensor Points based on order depth & floor proximity. The points counter will be hidden to ensure a healthy market.
  3. On January 22nd, Tensor introduced price lokcs - a new way to long/short NFTs for 7 days for as little as 3.5% Fee. Fund Locks to earn Tensor Points and prizes.

▪️ You can reveal your Tensor Airdrop S2 NFT Boxes by going to the Rewards Hub. Best of luck!

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