U°OS Network


U°OS Network Airdrop is for EOS holders. EOS holders will receive free UOS tokens. Also, earn up to 350 UOS tokens for easy tasks.

About U°OS Network

U°OS Network is built to bring distributed, transparent and scalable reputation system to the web. The U°OS reputation system scores digital entities based on the network’s feedback. It enables people and businesses to make comprehensive one-touch decisions that require trust. The reputation system translates connections between accounts into a unified reputation system using a modified NCDAwareRank algorithm. U°OS was made to be easily pluggable and can be integrated into any digital network, application or service.


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Step by step guide

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Step-by-Step Guide U°OS Network Holders Airdrop
For more information, read this article.
Besides the holders airdrop, there are also tasks to earn free UOS tokens. 
Step-by-Step Guide U°OS Network Airdrop
For more information, read this article.
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Want more tokens? Visit the U°OS Network bounty.
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