UpRock, the DePIN network fueling the AI future, has unveiled its native token with the launch of the Fair Distribution Roadmap, allowing everyone to easily earn Free $UPT tokens simply by setting up their profile, and an additional 5 tokens for every referral plus 1% kickback on referred miners.

Beyond the initial rewards, UpRock provides substantial returns for all miners who will share in approximately 250 million $UPT tokens over a 10-year period, adhering to a deflationary model.

About UpRock

UpRock is a revolutionary mobile DePIN network that transforms every mobile device into a node within a vast data-sharing ecosystem, empowering developers with a rich open data network to accelerate the development of real-time AI tools and apps, thereby shaping the AI future.

Co-founded by experienced serial entrepreneurs with past successes like the Tenta Crypto Browser, UpRock is on a mission to build a people-powered network where the community is rewarded through transparent tokenomics for their contributions to a humanity-first AI future.

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Fair Distribution
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Step by step guide UpRock Airdrop

  1. Head over to the UpRock registration page, sign up with email, and set up your profile.

  2. Install and run the UpRock AI Earnings app to start earning $UPT tokens by sharing your unused internet bandwidth. Maximize earnings by installing the App on multiple devices.

  3. Download the KOII desktop app to start earning $UPT and $KOII tokens for free.

  4. Invite friends to earn 5 $UPT for every invitation plus a 1% kickback on referred miners.

Follow @UpRockCom on X and join the community on Discord for further updates and announcements about the Token Generation Event. Beware of scams and phishing links!


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