Valley Blockchain Game (old)


Valley Blockchain Game is organizing a "Create VBG Video" contest welcoming all to participate in “Blue Diamond” Airdrop & Bounty with a total prize worth up to $258,500 in $Sport Token.

About Valley Blockchain Game

Valley Blockchain Game (VBG) is a Blockchain Technology company based in the United Kingdom, pioneering in NFT Technology Application and providing TOP Blockchain Games.

Valley City is a non-borders complex technology city, including multiple infrastructures, projects, assets, products and services that are all encrypted thanks to NFT technology. Each customer is a citizen of the city, coming from many countries around the world. VBG provides technology platforms and solutions for all residents, supporting the transformation of their own business models and assets into digital assets and cross-border transactions.

DecentralCity is a virtual reality world developed by VBG and powered by the Tron blockchain. Resident can create, experience, and benefit from the content, applications, and services.

Valley Blockchain Game (old)

~$ 258,500 Prize pool
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Valley Blockchain Game (old) Airdrop

  1. Go to the Valley City Airdrop form.

  2. Register an account at

  3. Join VBG International on Telegram.

  4. Follow VBG International on Twitter & Retweet this Tweet with your ID at and @tag 5 friends with hashtag #VBG #Valley #City #CGOLD #NFT #game #Sporttoken.

  5. Upload your video (at least 15s) on your Youtube channel. Check the video requirements on the Airdrop form.

  6. Copy your USDT-TRC20 Wallet from and fill in the Airdrop form.


  8. – 1 Special prize: $5000 in $Sport Token

  9. – 1 Second prize: $2000 in $Sport Token

  10. – 3 Third Prizes: $500 in $Sport Token

  11. – Others: $50/prize (5000 eligible participants)

Step-by-Step Guide ''Valley City Airdrop''
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