Velar – Incentivized Testnet


The Velar Incentivized Testnet is now live! Testnet users over the next four weeks will receive a $VELAR Airdrop at TGE. 

About Velar

Velar is an innovative project that brings the world of DeFi to the Bitcoin ecosystem, unlocking its true potential by leveraging the Stacks smart contract layer. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, including an automated liquidity protocol, staking, farming, and an IDO launchpad.

At the heart of the ecosystem is the $VELAR token, which enables governance participation, incentivizes users, liquidity providers, and developers, and drives the sustainable growth and decentralization of the Velar ecosystem.

Velar – Incentivized Testnet

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Download the Bitcoin wallet Hiro, and keep your seed phrase secure.
  2. Change the network from Mainnet (default) To Testnet.
  3. Visit the Stacks Faucet to acquire Testnet $STX for free. Wait for the $STX to appear in your wallet (~ 10-15 mins).
  4. Open the Velar app and use the swap function to exchange your Testnet STX for Testnet VELAR.
  5. Add liquidity to the STX/VELAR pool through the Velar app and start earning fees by selecting "Add Liquidity."
  6. Remove your liquidity by selecting the same pool and clicking "Remove Liquidity" in the "My Liquidity" tab.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Velar Dharma Testnet''

▪️ Boost your rewards with activity-based milestones and multipliers! Check out the Velar Dharma Testnet blog post for more information.

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