VNT Chain


VNT Chain Airdrop is worth 500 VNT tokens (~$ 1). Everyone with 50+ followers gets 500 VNT and the author of the Retweet with the most likes gets 10,000 VNT tokens (~$ 20). 

About VNT Chain

VNT Chain is built with immutable and consistent distributed ledger technology. It provides standardized data access protocols to participating organizations on various blockchains and forms a multi-dimension data network for various applications and business models. VNT Chain was born for empowering the distributed economy system. 

Initiated by VNET Foundation, VNT Chain is supported by Yunphant Blockchain, Zhejiang University INCAS Lab, Swinburne University of Technology Digital Innovation Research Institute, National University of Singapore Blockchain Joint Lab, Shandong University Blockchain Lab, etc. VNT is being traded at Okex exchange. 

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~$ 1
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide VNT Chain Airdrop

  1. Join the VNT Airdrop, by creating a VNT wallet.

  2. Follow VNT Chain on Twitter & Medium, and turn on the post notifications.

  3. Retweet this Tweet and tag 3 friends & Comment your VNT wallet.

  4. Everyone with 50+ followers gets 500 VNT. The author of the Retweet with the most likes gets 10,000 VNT tokens (~$ 20).

Step-by-Step Guide VNT Chain Airdrop
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