Wasabi x Blast


Thrilling news: the Blast L2 points Multiplier has been activated, providing the opportunity to quadruple Blast Points!

On the Wasabi front, accumulating Wasabi Points positions participants for a potential future Airdrop. Don’t miss out!

About Wasabi Protocol

Wasabi emerges as a trailblazing hub, seamlessly integrating asset-backed derivatives to provide a secure and lucrative environment for users to explore both traditional trading and advanced NFT options strategies, enhancing profit potential.

Wasabi’s ecosystem features stabilized perpetual contracts, attracting diverse asset liquidity with interest rewards, while its vaults offer instant fund access, enabling agile investments and improved financial returns.

Wasabi x Blast

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Step by step guide Wasabi x Blast Airdrop

  1. Navigate to the Wasabi Protocol ÐApp, and connect your wallet.

  2. Buy any amount of $JUICE or $PAC via ThrusterFi to gain a 2x Blast Multiplier.

  3. Get 2x Multiplier extra by staking any amount into the Wasabi vaults.

  4. Earn Wasabi points by trading Perps or NFT Options, or via Wasabi vaults.

Enjoy amassing Wasabi points and benefiting from a 4x Multiplier on your Blast Points.

* The Wasabi Pass provides unique benefits such as a points multiplier and fee reductions.


* When using ÐApps, remember that your digital assets’ security is solely your responsibility❗️

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