Web3Go x Reiki


Embark on the Web3Go & Reiki Airdrop journey, a blockchain adventure rich with rewards and the allure of future Airdrops. Dive into this dynamic crypto landscape for a unique experience!

About Reiki & Web3Go

Web3Go is a data intelligence network blending humans, AI, and data, focusing on real-time blockchain insights with Analytix for data management and Rye Alpha for NFT insights.

Reiki is a next-gen AIGC platform with Proof of Creativity, offering tools for dataset management, chatbot creation…, enabling users to turn creative ideas into digital assets.

Web3Go x Reiki

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Step by step guide Web3Go x Reiki Airdrop

  1. Visit the Reiki x Web3go Taskboard to start your quest for gold leaves.

  2. Link your MetaMask wallet and complete your profile setup.

  3. Mint your Passport to start collecting Gold Leaves in Reiki.

  4. Earn 10% gold leaves from Tier 1 referrals and 2% from Tier 2.

  5. Participate in Web3Go Zealy quests and Web3Go Galxe campaigns.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Web3Go x Reiki – Gold Leaf Airdrop”

▪️ Create Reiki Bots and become eligible for extra bonuses and future Airdrops. Good Luck!

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