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Wigwam Wallet

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Join the Wigwam Early Adopter campaign! Set up your wallet & complete social tasks on @Galxe to earn an Exclusive Early Adopter #NFT. 🎁 Your VIP pass to future rewards! 🔒 Surprises await… Don’t miss out! Page with the campaign: https://galxe.com/Wigwamwallet #NFTdrop, #Giveaway

Join the future of finance with Wigwam!

Welcome to Wigwam: Your Gateway to the Web3 World!

About Wigwam Wallet

Wigwam is a new Web3 wallet that offers a seamless, feature-rich experience for managing your cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re trading tokens, exploring the depths of DeFi, or delving into the dynamic world of NFTs, Wigwam simplifies the process, removing any complexities and limitations. Open source, externally audited, with many activities to engage and motivate users to use the wallet.

Wigwam is a new convenient Web3 wallet. It is open source, audited, and has many great features for crypto users🔥. We’re inviting you to be one of the first to try our wallet. As a thank you, you will receive a special Early Adopter NFT that will give you access to future perks and hidden extras.

Trade and explore Instantly trade over 2,500 tokens, connect with hundreds of dApps, and create or sell NFTs in the Web3 world, all through Wigwam.

Easy access If you can’t find a Wigwam button when connecting to a dApp, you can effortlessly connect to Wigwam using MetaMask button instead, as this option is automatically available.

Wigwam allows users to buy crypto with regular credit or debit cards using third-party services.

Join the future of finance with Wigwam Web3 wallet Your feature-rich crypto wallet for the decentralized world.

Wigwam Wallet

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Step by step guide

  1. Download and add the Wigwam Wallet extension to your browser.
  2. Create a new wallet or import an existing one. Consult the Guide if needed.
  3. In the wallet s reward section, add an alternative MetaMask address, enter "GALXE" as the promo code, and then submit and sign.
  4. Join the Wigwam Early Adopter campaign on Galxe and complete the social tasks to earn your Early Adopter NFT.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Wigwam Wallet - Early Adopter NFT Drop''

▪️ Attention: After completing all tasks, wait two business days to claim your NFT. Good Luck!
* Share your feedback and suggestions on Telegram or Discord to help improve the wallet.

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