Wreck League


Step into the electrifying arena of Wreck League, where competitors unleash their Mechs in high-stakes battles for honor, prestige, and exclusive rewards. Dive into real-time PvP combat and scale the leaderboard for a chance to earn coveted prizes only a few can dream of.

About Wreck League

Wreck League is the epitome of modern gaming, brought to life through a collaborative effort between nWayPlayNFT, Animoca Brands, and Yuga Labs ($APE). It ushers in a new era of real-time PvP fighting games, standing out as an AAA-quality fighting game, on mobile and PC.

Players dive into a universe where they can harness the potential of NFTs to construct bespoke Mechs, each comprising 10 unique NFT parts. Beyond their in-game utility, these parts can be traded on renowned platforms like OpenSea.

Season 1 boasts a special partnership with Yuga Labs, integrating Bored Ape Yacht Club. With over 1.5 quadrillion mech combos, the game truly redefines customization and competition.

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Step-by-Step Guide ”Wreck League Leaderboard Tournament

▪️ After Mez’i’s Mayhem, rewards will be given based on performance, including Mech parts, Boxes, full sets, and the exclusive Iconic Holospec. May the best fighter rise to the top!
* For more insights, visit the Wreck League Competitive Play Medium blog post.

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