ZKasino Testnet


ZKasino Testnet on zkSync 2.0 is now LIVE! To encourage rigorous testing during the Testnet phase, ZKasino is running a leaderboard Airdrop contest worth $10,000 in $ZKAS tokens. Free for everyone to participate!

About ZKasino

ZKasino – by @ZigZagLabs – is a decentralised casino built on Layer 2 ZK-Rollups technology allowing for infinite scalability whilst keeping optimal decentralisation and security from the Ethereum network. ZKasino allows playing in a trustless manner (no KYC), allowing for winning probabilities to be presented in full transparency through the solid law of smart contracts. ZKasino aims to be the fairest and most transparent platform with the lowest house edge compared to all other betting platforms.

$ZKAS hodlers become equitable owners in the community-owned casino being able to exchange their tokens to the treasury for their entitled share of the DAO treasury. As the casino’s bankroll increases, the value of the shares of tokens will increase correspondingly as owning a percentage of ZKasino’s token supply.

ZKasino Testnet

~$ 10,000 Prize Pool
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide ZKasino Testnet Airdrop

  1. Head to the ZKasino Testnet page.

  2. Press Connect Wallet in the top-right corner to connect your Metamask wallet & Switch to the Arbitrum Goerli network.

  3. Get native tokens through the faucet to pay gas fees.

  4. Mint 10,000 $ZKUSD (ZKasino USD) to play the games. Click on the Fox symbol to add customized token.

  5. Choose a ZKasino Game and play to your heart s content.

Step-by-Step Guide ”ZKasino Testnet Airdrop Contest Guide”

▪️ Simply mint 10,000 more $ZKUSD if you run out and try your luck again! The top wallets with the highest balance of $ZKUSD at the end of the contest will win a prize. More specific details concerning the rules, date and duration of the contest will be announced later. Follow ZKasino on TwitterDiscord and Telegram to stay up to date on announcements. Have fun and Good Luck!

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