Discover the @zkPass Alpha mainnet portal, a cutting-edge protocol for Provers, Verifiers, and Developers to enjoy secure, verifiable data sharing with complete privacy and integrity across leading mainnets including Arbitrum, Scroll, Linea, BNB Chain, zkSync, Base, and Optimism.

Start earning $ZKP Credit Token rewards by generating ZK attestations to monetize your internet private data through advanced 3P-TLS and Hybrid ZK technologies. Embrace the new era of Internet monetization—this is not a Quest, not an Odyssey—this is Farming the Internet!

About zkPass

zkPass is leading a revolution in private data verification, seamlessly integrating 3P-TLS & MPC and Hybrid ZK protocols, empowering users to securely validate diverse data types across HTTPS websites, and ensuring integrity and privacy in the digital landscape.

Based in New York, the company has secured a $2.5 million seed round funding in 2023 from renowned investors such as Sequoia China, Binance Labs, OKX Ventures, and Cypher Capital, and has emerged as the winner of Binance Labs Incubation Season 5.

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Step by step guide zkPass Airdrop

  1. Head over to the zkPass Airdrop portal and connect your EVM wallet to begin exploring the functionalities of the zkPass Protocol on the Alpha mainnet.

  2. Install the zkPass TransGate extension in your browser and create your Account Abstraction wallet on Arbitrum by completing simple social tasks to claim your $ZKP Credit token rewards.

  3. Become a Prover by navigating to either the “Scheme Market” or “Farming the Internet” sections of the portal and start computing your internet private data into zk attestations.

  4. Keep an eye on daily tasks such as tweeting with ‘#zkPass’ to earn additional $ZKP Credit tokens and don’t miss out on participating in the Linea Voyage DeFi Verax campaign.

* Developers can integrate zkPass SDK for private data auth from any HTTPS site without OAuth APIs.


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