ZOM Airdrop is worth up to 50 ZOM tokens (~$ 5) for each participant. There are 50,000 ZOM tokens in total allocated to the Airdrop.

About ZOM

ZOM is the cryptocurrency initiative put forward by Yazom Limited, a health and healthcare technology company that specializes in SaaS applications, located on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. ZOM’s aim is to reduce costs while maintaining factual and objective data regarding activities surrounding health and wellness activities. In the simplest terms, ZOM can be expressed as an alternative to health insurance with added benefits of security, integrity and an extension by promoting wellness objectives. ZOM currently proposes a path of two (2): ZOM Silver and ZOM Gold.

Path 1ZOM Silver: Smart contracts are created through the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain and an examination of the efficacy as well as market adoption takes place. This path can be considered a simulation or an alpha step in order to properly assess and address any issues that may arise through development as well as any adjustments that may be required for market acceptance and consistent usage.

Path 2ZOM Gold: A blockchain created that improvises from the findings taken from Path 1. This will facilitate all features tested in ZOM Silver and add additional features. A proposal for PoS with MasterNodes is currently proposed for this model. Yazom does not own ZOM but rather is the chief governor of ZOM with additional parties welcome to participate in realizing the goal. Yazom currently owns an estimated 8% of the total supply of ZOM.

~$ 5
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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