Bluefin has dedicated 6% of the BLUE token supply specifically for the Trade & Earn Program, which is designed to benefit active traders. Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn $BLUE!

About Bluefin

Bluefin is an orderbook-based derivatives exchange revolutionizing decentralized trading with its upcoming Bluefin v2 platform built on Sui, offering trading with up to 20x leverage, sub-second trade confirmations, and spot trading without the need for wallets.

Additionally, Bluefin features competitive trading fees: 0.045% for takers and 0.01% for makers.

6% of total $BLUE token supply
Approx. value

Step by step guide Bluefin Airdrop

  1. Head over to the Bluefin web3 trading application.

  2. Connect your Sui wallet and complete the 1CT onboarding process.

  3. You will receive 0.2 $SUI to support onboarding transaction fees.

  4. Bridge USDC to SUI from Ethereum only using PortalBridge by Wormhole, as Bluefin v2 only supports USDCeth as its margining token.

  5. Deposit funds and start trading to earn BLUE points in the initial Trade & Earn program.

  6. Note: Gas fees for on-chain trades are covered by the Bluefin Foundation.

  7. Earn 10% of your referrals trading rewards, and they earn an additional 10% on theirs.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Bluefin – $BLUE Trade & Earn Program''

▪️ All BLUE points will convert to $BLUE tokens 1:1 post the TGE launch and vest over 4 epochs.
* Bluefin will launch a long-term program with its community & partners post-initial program.

* When using ÐApps, remember that your digital assets' security is solely your responsibility!

** Stay tuned with @AirdropAlertcom 🔔 the original and first-ever Airdrop platform globally, consistently offering premier Airdrop opportunities since 2017 with love ❤️ and dedication. 
Disclaimer: This content is for educational and informational purposes only and not financial advice. Conduct thorough research before making any Deposit/investment decisions (DYOR).

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