SynFutures Protocol


Embark on a journey with SynFutures, where early engagement hints at unlocking more than trading opportunities. As anticipation builds for the Token Generation Event, there are whispers of a potential $SYN retroactive airdrop for early adopters circulating, suggesting a future rich in appreciation beyond mere trading profits.

About SynFutures Protocol

SynFutures is a next-generation Web3.0 decentralized derivatives platform, revolutionizing the perp DEX market by allowing open and trustless trading of any asset with a price feed. It democratizes derivatives trading, enabling users to list and trade arbitrary futures contracts.

SynFutures employs an Amazon-like model, enabling trading across Ethereum native, cross-chain, and off-chain assets against ERC-20 tokens while its capital-efficient AMM supports versatile trading options, cementing its status as a premier decentralized derivatives protocol.

SynFutures Protocol

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Step by step guide

  1. Navigate to the SynFutures V2 mainnet app and Connect your wallet.
  2. SynFutures V2 is the latest iteration of the DeFi derivatives trading platform.
  3. Start your Trading Journey and/or provide liquidity with one single currency.
  4. Invite friends to trade and collect NFTs based on your team s Trading volume.
  5. Go to the V3 Blast Testnet app, claim ETH Blast, Mint USDM and test it on Blast Sepolia.
  6. Head over to SynFutures Galxe page, and complete quests to collect NFTs.

Step-by-Step Guide ''SynFutures Protocol - Navigating the $SYN Ecosystem''

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