CashmereLabs – Testnet


Welcome to CashmereLabs Testnet 1.0! This exciting platform offers MEV-protected cross-chain swaps for decentralized liquidities.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about CashmereLabs, the codebase structure, and become an early adopter with access to various benefits. The phased launch is crucial as it allows the community to engage in stewarding the protocol and code design.

About CashmereLabs

CashmereLabs is a cross-chain swap protocol launching on 11 different chains. It has partnered with Layerzero Labs to provide a secure and innovative platform for users, protecting them from front-run and MEV attacks

MEV attackers use tactics like front-running and back-running to profit from a user's transaction on a blockchain without their knowledge. CashmereLabs has developed solutions to thwart MEV sandwich bots and can even simulate attack scenarios to safeguard users against profit loss.

CashmereLabs – Testnet

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide CashmereLabs – Testnet Airdrop

  1. Visit the CashmereLabs Testnet app web.

  2. Claim Testnet tokens from the Cashmere Faucet dashboard.

  3. Complete quests on the Zealy Questboard.

  4. Secure your exclusive OAT by joining as an Early Adopter.

  5. Join the Cashmere Labs Guild for exclusive Discord roles and engagement opportunities.

  6. Get the “CashmereLabs Testnet Early Adopter” NFT, commemorating the launch of the Testnet.

  7. Provide feedback and discuss ideas in Discord.

Step-by-Step Guide ”CashmereLabs Testnet 1.0

▪️ During the Testnet phase, users should be aware that CashmereLabs may encounter challenges due to its early-stage protocol and infrastructure. However, the team is dedicated to resolving any issues before the mainnet launch and welcomes user feedback to improve the protocol. Keep exploring!

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